Thursday, 26 August 2010

If like me you are a sketchbook lover..

..then check this cooool shit out :-)
£25 to participate I think, so very tempting...I think I'll have to go through all my pockets though!
Sketchbook Project
Love x


  1. THIS LOOKS AWESOME!!!!! Definately going through my pockets for this!

  2. I! I did stay in last Friday night though, so technically I have £25 to spend... :-) x x x

  3. I have signed myself up for this guys! Its actually $25 dollars, or $45 if you want it digitised as well which is just under £ I've gone for that seeing as once Ive sent the book off...I can't really get it back-least I think thats how it works! They also have other projects which are smaller/cheaper/free so check it all out! AWESOME SPOTTING THIS NAOMI! Thanks :-D

  4. No prob! I in turn spotted it in a link on FB, of all places.
    I'm definitely going for it, can't decide on a theme though!!

  5. Have you got your sketchbook yet?! i got mine a couple of weeks ago :-D