Thursday, 19 August 2010

Hello from Lulworth, Dorset!

Hello everyone!

Really great to be in touch again, I'm glad someone took the initiative to re-kindle the blog :D I was starting to feel a bit cut off down here...
Anyway, haven't had a terribly exciting year (can you believe it's been a year!), just been working in the soul-destroying environment that is the retail industry... but managing just barely to keep up the drawing!

I'm working on a graphic novel and animation pilot, with my partner Alec, for a guy in London - can't really show any visuals as of yet because it's all extremely secretive until we (hopefully) get it funded - or maybe, more realistically, it's too much in the early stages and there isn't anything comprehensible to show you yet!

For now, here are some iPod skins I designed for Two are still in the voting stages, but one has got through the viscious public scrutiny and is available to buy!

Hope to hear fantastic stories of where you've all been and where you are now,

Love Rose x

mountain view

Rate my RockaSkin

in the mangroves

Rate my RockaSkin

a portrait

Rate my RockaSkin

P.S. I found the graphic novel/animation job on Graduate Talent Pool, a government run (yes I know, but stay with me on this) website where employees post internships, both paid and unpaid. Worth a look!


  1. Thanks for the tip rose! These look really nice! I shall be joining some kind of normal job soon...will have to slow down on the illustration when that happens :-(

  2. Nice skins!! Do you get royalties from that? Or is that just in my wildest dreams? :-) x